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Book 29: 

"Unfettered jealousy can destroy even the strongest bonds of love ". 

Gerard Arthus 
28 May 2012 

John turned to Madeline after the door closed and said "I am really sorry that you 
had to hear that. I apologize for what Zoe said in there, she has not been herself 
recently." Madeline said "John, you do not have anything to apologize for, she is 
being unreasonable and has to come to her senses ... I hope ... before it is to late, 
such jealousy can destroy a person." John walked to the counter and asked if 
Abigail had come forward. The officer said yes ... you can see her now. He then 
called out "Abigail McKenna, your visitors are here, please be seated at table 
eleven. Just as Abigail was entering the holding area, she saw Zoe walking out. 
She said hello, but Zoe just walked by her looking down at the floor. Abigail 
noticed that she was crying and thought "what has happened now ...?" Just as 
she sat down, John and Madeline entered. Abigail was so happy to see John that 
she was smiling and said "John, thank you for coming ... you also Madeline." They 
sat down at the table and Abigail stood up and kissed John quickly. Prisoners 
were not supposed to touch, but often a quick kiss would be ignored. John said 
"how are you Abigail." Abigail said "it was not as bad as I expected ... John, 
however, I missed all of you so much and am worried about my mother." John 
said "she is busy with Cassandra and Natalia and we had a long talk ... she 
understands everything now. Do not worry about her, please." John handed 


Abigail the papers, which she signed in front of a notary who was present at her 
request. John now had power of attorney to speak for Abigail in front of the court 
and he intended to file the papers in Brooklyn, immediately. Abigail began reading 
the papers after she signed them and said "John, you should have been a lawyer, 
these are well written ... I do not think we have enough time ... but thank you for 
taking the time to do this for me. I asked Jon and several other lawyers, but none 
of them would go against the judge. In fact Jon said something to me about 
making my bed and sleeping in it ... then he said that he did not have the courage 
to do something like this." While they were speaking, Madeline thought "she really 
cares about him and I think he cares about her. They look so happy together. Oh 
Zoe, please wake up." John said "Abigail, I better leave, if I am to get to the 
Appellate Court in time. You look relaxed, please remain so ... I would feel so bad 
if you were harmed in any way." Abigail grasped John's hand and said "I love you 
so, please do not be upset, I understand exactly what I am doing. It was 
necessary for your case." John said "yes Abigail, and I will forever be in your 
debt; this is a fine thing that you have done for me ... I will never forget it." They 
both stood up and John reached over and kissed her passionately. They both 
released their grasp just as the guard noticed and was about to say something. 
John said "goodbye Abigail." Abigail said "goodbye John and thank you for coming 
Madeline." Madeline and John watched Abigail as she walked out. Abigail turned, 
kissed her hand and smiled, before she left the room. John grasped Madeline's 
hand and led her out of the holding area. They left as fast as they could and soon 

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John was helping Madeline into the car. He said "Madeline, would you mind riding 
with me to the court ... I do not want to risk being late today." Madeline said "of 
course dear, I would love to see how this all works ... do not worry about 
stopping, we can get something for lunch after we are finished at the court." John 
smiled, as he began driving the car out of the parking garage. Madeline leaned 
her head on Johns shoulder saying "do you mind, I enjoy this so much ... just 
closing my eyes and relaxing next to you." John said "I will wake you when we 
are there dear. 

It was probably a forty-five minute drive to the court and John was thinking about 
Zoe and Abigail most of the time. The time went fast and soon they were entering 
the parking garage for the Appellate Court. John called to Madeline and she 
awakened. He got out of the car and helped her get out and then they walked 
towards the court entrance. Once again, they passed through the inspection point 
and walked to the elevator. They exited on the floor where the clerk's office was 
and walked over to the desk. John handed the papers to the clerks officer and 
paid the filing fee. He had asked for an expedited hearing and the clerk asked 
them to sit down while he reviewed the papers. He returned in about fifteen 
minutes and said "everything is in order, I think the judge will sign this order, are 
you willing to wait?" John said "of course, thank you, we will sit down right here." 
John grasped Madeline's hand and led her over to a bench; they both sat down 
and waited. Thirty minutes later, the clerk returned and said "the judge would like 

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to see you in his chambers, please come along with me." John and Madeline 
followed the court officer who led them into a room where the judge was sitting 
behind a large desk. The Judge said "I understand that your attorney, a Miss 
Abigail McKenna, has been incarcerated by judge Reginald Jackson for the 
reasons mentioned in your submission. Are you sure that there are no other 
extenuating circumstances which may have led to this?" John said, no your honor, 
we have actually not even mentioned some of his more egregious actions, we did 
not want to overly complicate the proceedings. We have tried to stick to basics 
and stay on point with our argument. We are simply asking that Miss McKenna be 
released pending a full hearing of this court concerning Judge Jackson's unethical 
behavior. I was not able to get any attorney to help us with this case and have 
drawn up the papers myself. I apologize for any errors in law, but I assure the 
court that there are no errors in fact presented in our papers." The judge said 
"young man, these papers are fine regarding the law, I have seen much worse 
from experienced attorneys. I will grant your request based upon the facts 
therein, I will order Miss McKenna to be released as of today. The court officer will 
call Judge Jackson's office, he will give you court copies at the front desk, please 
return those papers as soon as you can. Good luck." John said "thank you your 
honor ... thank you 'very' much." He grasped Madeline's hand and they walked out 
to the clerk's desk. The clerk returned quickly with the papers and handed them 
to John. John said "thank you, I will be going." He then led Madeline back to the 
elevator and they rushed from the building. John helped Madeline into the car and 

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they we soon on the road heading back to the Court in Nassau County. 

Again Madeline leaned her head on John's shoulder and closed her eyes. John 
could only think of Abigail ... soon she would be free. He shook Madeline gently 
and as she opened her eyes said "Madeline, can you please call Bonney and tell 
her the news." Madeline said "yes" and then called Abigail's mother. After 
explaining that the papers were signed Bonney became excited and thanked 
Madeline for the information." Madeline then leaned up against John and closed 
her eyes ... she was tired and also happy ... happy for Abigail and ... for John." 
John was happy for Abigail and could only think about seeing her safely back at 
the estate. As he entered the parking garage for the courthouse in Nassau 
County, Madeline awakened. John parked the car and quickly helped her out of 
the car. The both passed through the inspection area in at the courthouse and 
proceeded to the clerk's office. John handed a copy of the papers to the clerk, 
who gave him a receipt. They had already been notified of the Appellate Court's 
decision and the clerk notified John that they were to be back in court by 
Thursday morning, he also said "I warn you, the judge is not happy." The next 
step would be to bring another copy of the court's order to the jail and then 
Abigail would be free to come home. John grasped Madeline's hand and the two 
of them proceeded out of the courthouse and to the car. Madeline smiled at John 
and said "you should be proud of yourself ... Abigail will soon be free." John said 
"thank you Madeline, but we should thank God ... it was his help that enabled us 

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to be successful." Madeline thought "he is so modest, he did a wonderful job but 
never will take all of the credit." 

Now they were on their way back to the jail. John said "Madeline, I am sorry, we 
have not stopped even for breakfast ... as soon as we get Abigail, we will stop 
somewhere." Madeline said "John, please do not worry for me, we must do what 
is important first, then we can relax." With that Madeline leaned her head on 
John's shoulder and closed her eyes. She felt great while things were turning out 
right and she would enjoy the feeling while it lasted. Since the jail was close to 
the courthouse, soon they were entering the correctional facility parking garage. 
John parked the car and walked around and helped Madeline out of her seat. The 
walked over to the entrance and passed through the inspection point. John 
walked up to the main desk with Madeline by his side and presented the Appellate 
Court's order to the officer who was seated there. Apparently, they had already 
been notified of Abigail's release and the officer said "please be seated, we have 
some paperwork to process and then she will be released." Both John and 
Madeline were tired and it was nearly four in the afternoon. John leaned back and 
closed his eyes, he said "Madeline, please awaken me when they call." Madeline 
said "yes, I will ... it is now your turn to sleep. Do not fret, I will stay awake." John 
said "thank you dear ... I just could not sleep last night, with all that has 
happened." John quickly fell asleep and Madeline just sat there thinking of how 
good her life was now "they all are such fine people ... everyone at Phoenix. 

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Thank you God for bringing us together." Nearly an hour passed, when the officer 
called out "please bring Abigail McKenna to the holding area." Madeline shook 
John and he awakened quickly. The door opened and Abigail walked through, 
smiling at John and Madeline. She walked up to John and they embraced. Abigail 
said "you did well John, you would make a great lawyer." John said "thank God 
Abigail, let us leave this place." John grasped Abigail's hand and the three of them 
left the Jail. As they approached the car Madeline jumped into the back and said 
"please Abigail, you sit up front with John." Abigail said "thank you Madeline" 
while John helped her into the car. He then walked around the front of the car, 
opened the door and was seated himself. He said "Abigail, you must call Lisa and 
Flora, the judge wants us back in court on Thursday. That will give us another day 
to prepare." Abigail then called the girls and while John was driving the car from 
the garage, explained the situation to them. She said "would you like to come 
over for dinner and we can talk about your testimony?" "Two in the afternoon 
would be fine, would you like to be picked up?" "Fine, we will see you tomorrow." 
Abigail turned to John and said "we can pick them up at Lisa's house tomorrow, 
Lisa's parents would like to speak to us ... I hope that is fine with you John?" John 
said "anything that you do is fine Abigail, would you like to stop for dinner?" 
Abigail said "no John, I would like to be home and wash up ... I feel so dirty after 
sleeping in that jail. Please take me home, I feel so good to be out of there." John 
said "whatever you wish madam, we will head to the estate then." 

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Abigail said "Jon called and offered to help me ... I think he felt some guilt. He 
was surprised when I told him that the judge accepted the papers that you wrote 
and that I would be free today. I thanked him for the offer, he is a good person to 
have on our side. He also said that he would like to speak to me ... I said that 
when it was less hectic, that we would have him over." Madeline said "Abigail, how 
was your stay in jail?" Abigail said "I do not recommend it for the faint of heart, 
but it was necessary and I would do the same if I had to again." Abigail and 
Madeline talked nearly the entire trip to the estate. As they were entering the 
driveway, Abigail said "It is great to be home, everyone whom I love is here; I 
could not be happier." As John parked the car and walked around to help Abigail 
and Madeline out of their seats, Abigail jumped into his arms embraced him and 
quickly turned and walked towards the front door. Madeline follow and she was 
also smiling. After she had entered the house, Abigail called for her mom. It was 
a happy reunion and tears were shed by both mother and daughter. Nikolena 
advised John that he had received several calls and she was eager to find out if 
there was news concerning Sergei. John said "ladies, I must take these calls, I 
will be in the office" and then he left the den. He had not even greeted Cassandra 
and Natalia as he was worried for Nikolena and Sergei. He quickly walked to the 
office and closed the door. The call had been from the Colonel and John could only 
get his answering service. He left a message and leaned back in his chair to await 
a reply. John then began looking at his Email and after about fifteen minutes he 
heard a tapping on the door. He called out "come in please" and Abigail entered 

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the room with a tray of tea and biscuits. John stood up and just looked at her. The 
two of them looked deeply into each others eyes and Abigail said "John I missed 
you so, but please tell me, how did it go with Zoe ... I understand that you and 
Madeline went to see her?" John just lowered his head and said "she is so 
viciously jealous, I warned her that she was really upsetting me, but she would 
not listen. I also told her that if she continued on her present course, my love for 
her would die. She just became more viscous and said many awful things about 
you and Madeline." He then embraced Abigail and said "I also missed you so ... 
Abigail; forgive me for this" as he grasped her face between his two hands and 
kissed her passionately. As Abigail responded, John pulled back and said "you 
have been so kind to me ... how can I ever thank you for coming into my life. This 
thing with Zoe has me so mixed up ... I love her ... she is my wife ... but I also love 
you. Promise me that you will stop this from going too far. Sit down and let us 
talk, before I do something that we both may regret." Abigail's body began 
quivering; she had almost reached the point of no return and quickly pushed 
away from John and sat down in a chair next to him. John sat down and they 
both grasped hands on the table. 

They sat there for over five minutes before Abigail said "John I must confess to 
God ... I have sinned ... I had such thoughts about you that no woman should 
have for a married man. There was much time for me to think in jail and I had 
many thoughts that I must ask God forgiveness for having had. I will try to keep 

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our relationship on a friendship level, but please understand, when I am near you 
I begin to tingle and quiver all over; I also have other feelings that I would prefer 
not to speak of. Please understand that it will be difficult, but I promise to try to 
never do anything that would dishonor your relationship with Zoe. Part of me 
wants her to continue driving you two apart, but that is wrong and I should not 
be having such thoughts. It was then that Abigail noticed; she had not closed the 
door and her mother was standing near the opening. A horrified look came over 
her face and John said "what is the matter my dear?" Bonney quickly said "I am 
sorry John, Cassandra is asking for you" as she spoke, she entered the room and 
closed the door. She then said "I apologize for eavesdropping. It is a mother's 
passion to wish the best for her daughter and John I could never imagine anyone 
better for her to be with than you. Please forgive me for not leaving and minding 
my own business." While he was embarrassed, John said "no Bonney, it is the two 
of us who should be apologizing, regardless of whether the door was open or not, 
we should be controlling our passions. You have a lovely daughter and she has 
really impressed me with her kindness, intelligence and loyalty. I am under so 
much pressure and while that can never be an excuse, it is still a reason." Bonney 
said "I have told you before, please speak to me if you ever have any worries or 
questions ... it is always good to speak to someone close to you about such 
things" then she turned back and opened the door and said "I will leave you two 
alone now ... John I know that I can always trust you to do the best by my 
daughter and yes she does love you 'very' much. I will go back to Cassandra and 

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tell Nikolena that you will be back after the phone call." With that Bonney left the 
room and closed the door. 

John was about to say something, but the telephone sounded. He turned on the 
video screen and they saw that it was Colonel Jack MacGregor. John said "hello 
Jack, have you any news for us?" Jack said "Good evening John ... and is that you 
Abigail?" Abigail said "yes, Mr. MacGregor, I am fine thank you." Jack said "we 
now know that Sergei and the other man were taken prisoner. They were both 
injured, but we do not know their condition at this time. Since there are several 
competing clans in the area, it is hard to say who is responsible ... no one has 
contacted us. We have good information from some local residents who saw them 
being carried away after they were captured." John said "how did it happen Jack?" 
He replied "after rescuing the hostages, somehow they became separated from 
the main group. We think they may have stayed behind as decoys in order to give 
the others time to escape. The force they encountered was much greater than 
expected. Apparently they were successful in that phase of the operation. Those 
two men made a split-second decision in order to salvage the entire operation. 
The only thing I can add is that I think the operation would have been a failure if 
they had not taken such action." John was visibly upset and said "Jack, we all 
know that such things are always a possibility ... Sergei has a wife and daughter 
and that makes it even harder to take. What of the other man, does he have any 
family?" Jack said "yes, he also has a wife ... and three children. She understood 

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what kind of work he was involved with and is holding up well under the 
circumstances. What of Sergei's wife?" John said "she took it badly, but I think 
now is more understanding. His daughter is almost two years of age and really 
does not understand. I will take care of both of them though, these people are 
like my own family. We care for each other and everyone will help them through 
this." Jack said "John, we have been friends for some time now and I know that 
you will take care of them. Please give my condolences to Nikolena. There is 
nothing more that I can say. Can we talk about the next operation in Yemen on 
Saturday? The courier should deliver a package by Wednesday. You can hopefully 
get familiar with the specifics so we can plan the operation." John said "just tell 
me the time and I will be there ... what of Abigail, can she be there?" Jack said 
"yes, I have obtained top secret clearance for her ... it will be included in the 
package. Good luck in your other travails John, when I am in New York we can sit 
down and speak in greater depth about your problems. I must go now, are there 
any further questions that you two may have?" John said "no, I will relay the 
news to Nikolena and good evening to you Jack." Abigail said goodbye and the 
transmission was ended. 

John sat there and stared at the blank screen for some time. He picked up a 
biscuit and tea cup and sipped some tea. Abigail asked "would you like me to 
speak to Nikolena ... if you are too upset, I can do it?" John said "no, Abigail, I 
must do this ... just what to say, how do I tell Nikolena that there is little hope of 

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Sergei ever returning. Both Abigail and John had not eaten for nearly a day now 
and they snacked on biscuits and tea while discussing how to break the news to 
Nikolena. After some time, John stood up and said "it is time Abigail, shall we 
go?" Abigail said "yes, we cannot put this off any longer." The two of them left the 
room and walked towards the dining room. As they entered Bonney was there 
with Cassandra and Natalia. Cassandra moved her arms and babbled for her 
father, she said papa several times and John walked over and picked her up. 
Abigail picked up Natalia and sat near John. The two children were competing for 
attention and were so happy to be getting it. Bonney looked at John and Abigail 
and thought "They look so happy together playing with the children. I know my 
daughter would make a good mother ... just look at her with Natalia." Just then 
Nikolena entered the den, she asked John "did you hear anything of Sergei?" John 
did not answer immediately, he opened his mouth but the words did not come. 
Abigail said "Nikolena, I am so sorry, the news is not good. Sergei has been 
captured by insurgents and was injured. There is no other news regarding his 
condition or even if he is still alive. Please Nikolena, think of Natalia ... you must 
be strong for her, Sergei would want that." Nikolena just looked down and said "it 
is what I expected, God has punished me for being so mean to him before he left. 
I told him that he really did not care about his wife or daughter ... I said some 
vicious things, he must have felt so terrible. If only I could take those words back 
... I would give my life to see him again." Abigail said "no Nikolena, I am sure that 
he understood ... you cared about Natalia and was worried about your family. You 

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must give as much as you can to Natalia now, we all will help you. She still has a 
mother and that is so important, she will understand about her father when she is 
old enough." Nikolena said "all of you have been so kind and understanding 
towards me ... I can never repay you. But with God's help I will raise Natalia as 
her father would have wanted me to. I understand now how important I am for 
Natalia and I feel so ashamed about what I have done, I have really messed 
things up." John said "Nikolena, we all love you and will always be there to help; 
you will never be alone. With tears in her eyes, Nikolena smiled and then stood 
up. She said "I will continue working with Madeline on dinner, we will call you 
when it is ready. 

After Nikolena left, Abigail said "I think she will be alright now, she knows what 
she has to live for and that will make all of the difference in her life." John said 
"yes and we will always be there to help. Abigail promise me that you will help 
her regardless of what happens to me?" Abigail said "John, all is not lost yet ... 
but I will always be there for you and your friends." John and Abigail went back to 
playing with the girls until Nikolena entered with a bowl and announced that 
dinner was ready. All of the women got up and helped with setting the table while 
John watched Cassandra and Natalia. The table was set and they all sat down. 
John said the blessing and the all began to have dinner. They did not have to rush 
since the next court appearance was not until Thursday. Wednesday would be free 
for Discussions with Lisa and Flora, the two young ladies who would be witnesses; 

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and John would receive the papers from the Colonel regarding the next mission. 
They all were happy for Abigail and that she was home with the entire family. 
John reminded them that Michelle, Tyler and Zoe were still incarcerated; saying 
"they should all be in our prayers. Abigail, should we speak to the judge 
concerning the others or do you think he will be upset with your case being 
overturned by the Appellate Court?" Abigail said, we will see how it goes 
Thursday, then I will have a better idea what our next steps should be. John 
thanked Nikolena and the others who prepared the dinner and said "I am tired 
and I know some of us also are 'very' tired ... I would like to say good night. 
Bonney, I will take Cassandra tonight, I appreciate your help; but, I would like to 
spend some time with her." Bonney said, "John, of course you should, please take 
her now and we will cleanup." John picked up Cassandra, but just as he was 
leaving the phone rang. He handed Cassandra to Abigail and said "please my 
dear, bring Cassandra to my room, I will be there after I take this call." Abigail 
took Cassandra and walked out of the den and into John's room, she placed her 
into the crib next to John's bed and sat down on the bed. She was so tired that 
she leaned back and lay down on the bed with her arm inside the crib caressing 
Cassandra. The call was from one of Jack MacGregor's assistants and he was 
adamant about speaking to John alone, it was regarding the new operation to 
take place in Yemen. It was a lengthy discussion and before John realized what 
time it was, over one and one-half hours had passed. They said goodbye and 
John turned off the video screen thinking "Abigail, I forgot she was watching 

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Cassandra." He walked quickly back to his room and found Abigail sleeping on the 
bed next to Cassandra, who was also sleeping in her crib. John placed a cover 
over Cassandra and then gently covered Abigail. He gently caressed her and then 
walked into the bathroom to wash up. Abigail had awakened but she kept her 
eyes closed; when John touched her she began to tingle all over her body. She 
liked the feeling and thought "may this feeling never stop ... he is so gentle." 
When John was done, he came back into the room and looked at Abigail lying on 
the bed, he thought "oh, how I would love to be next to her, but God help me ... 
the chair is much safer." John then sat down in the recliner which was also next to 
Cassandra's crib, leaned back, covered himself and soon was fast asleep. 

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